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The PEARL Program was adopted in 1994 at the Grand Chapter Meeting held in St. Louis, MO. The Delta Phi Epsilon PEARL (Personal Enrichment Activities for Responsible Living) Program presents opportunities for both New Members and sisters to contribute to their self-development, the sorority, and surrounding communities. The opportunities members choose will vary, depending on their level of experience and changing needs. All members participate in Pearl Experiences, which are events, activities, and workshops in the five areas of concern to today’s college woman: Scholarship, Sisterhood, Self, Social, and Service



Delta Phi Epsilon offers many ways for you to become involved in your chapter and on your campus. Thanks to our sisterhood chair, we have so many opportunities to spend time together as sisters of DPhiE. Whether it be through sisterhood retreats, planned monthly sisterhoods, or even just getting dinner together, we are creating bonds that will last a lifetime. Sisterhood is the heart of our chapter, being that it is one of our three founding principles.


Delta Phi Epsilon has made a commitment to academic excellence for the individual and the chapter. The Sorority has set goals to ensure that academic achievement remains a priority. Academics is not the only area of focus in the scholarship section, Career and Lifestyle Skills and Planning are included in Delta Phi Epsilon programming. Through the Biennial Convention and events like Engage U, new skills are developed and networks are expanded.



Helping organizations and people in need is an integral part of Delta Phi Epsilon. Each chapter includes philanthropic projects in its annual calendar. All initiated members and New Members are expected to participate fully. Such projects can be fun ways for sisters to interact with each other, while serving the needs of others. It is the responsibility of each member to “contribute to the world’s work.”



Your association with Delta Phi Epsilon will offer many opportunities to interact socially with your sisters and others on your campus community. Activities can range from socials to formal dances and much more in between. Delta Phi Epsilon’s social development programming helps you make the most of your skills offering tips on conversation, proper etiquette and acting responsibly. These skills will benefit you throughout your life as a guest of a hostess, in the business world and in your community activities.


Personal development is a member’s ability and desire to take action to expand her overall experiences. Your chapter offers programming on a variety of issues. The Sorority’s structure for scheduling and presenting programs can increase awareness and enhance sisterhood. Chapter officers and outside speakers will present informative sessions on a variety of subjects important to your future. Delta Phi Epsilon’s educational emphasis will help prepare you to make informed choices and preserve your personal well-being.